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Product advantages
Tough enough
Explosion-proof edge
Water resistance
Strong adhesion
Using PE raw materials, good toughness, not afraid of tearing, tensile strength
Professional blown film production, strong bearing capacity and wear resistance, not easy to break
Hot-cut edge sealing technology strengthens the sealing edge and is resistant to pulling
Waterproof and leak-proof, the package is not afraid of rainy days
Strong glue, good adhesion, one-time edge sealing without falling off
Continuously introduce new processes and equipment to develop more and more excellent products
Industry Application
Clothing storage zipper bag
OPP sealing bag application
Application of self-adhesive bag
Courier bag application
Anti-static bag application
Flat pocket application
Transparent packaging bag application
Customer satisfaction is our pursuit
Focus on doing every product well to ensure the quality meets your requirements
20 years of technology accumulation and strength guarantee
Continuous innovation and strong research and development capabilities
High-speed response, worry-free
Efficient production and fast delivery
Have multiple product production lines and production equipment, complete products, choose more All products have obtained "SGS" environmental report certificate and food-grade inspection certificate Strong cooperation with many powerful domestic and foreign manufacturers such as Ruizhixing, Guangzhou Yuze, etc.
Continuously introduce new processes and equipment to develop more and more excellent products Material specifications, according to customer requirements and budget requirements Personalized element customization, from design to finished product, one-stop customization service
Provide warehousing services according to customer needs, and regularly develop customer return visits

Customer service will provide professional guidance and suggestions based on the actual use of customers

Free door-to-door delivery in the local area, foreign companies go to a logistics company with integrity qualifications
Advanced production equipment, sufficient output to meet the needs of bulk purchase quantity

Integrated production from materials to processing, shortening the production cycle

Strict testing is implemented at the factory, and five processes are strictly checked
Hanwei Packaging is a private enterprise specializing in the production of a variety of plastic bag packaging. It is also a food vacuum bag manufacturer and plastic bag manufacturer. Its products are widely used in food, electronic cosmetics, toys, plastic hardware, clothing and other packaging. Founded in 2000 in Liaobu Town, Dongguan, China, the factory covers an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters. As customers pay attention to the safety of product packaging, the company has delivered and passed the safety test of internationally recognized inspection agencies. The products are absolutely in line with international or The latest safety standards in Europe and America. The company’
Dongguan Hanwei Packaging Plastic Co., Ltd.
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